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T&E is Europe’s leading independent expert group campaigning for clean and sustainable transport for all. Our international secretariat is based in Brussels, with offices in six European capitals.

Working through and with our National Offices and our membership of environmental NGOs across Europe, we aim to build a zero-emission mobility system that is affordable, with minimal impacts on our health, climate and environment. 

We have a strong record of shaping some of Europe’s most important environmental laws. In recent years, T&E got the EU to set the world’s most ambitious CO2 standards for cars and trucks but also helped uncover the Dieselgate scandal. We secured a global ban on dirty shipping fuels and the creation of the world’s biggest carbon market for aviation, and we successfully campaigned to phase out palm oil use in biofuels – just to name a few. 

Today, our interdisciplinary research continues to tackle the complex relationships between economic, technological and social changes, with the aim of helping policymakers discover better solutions to complex problems in areas like industrial strategy, innovation policy, economic development, and institutional design. In a democratic society such policies and shifts in thinking cannot be adopted without public support, and we engage with communities and constituencies by communicating a positive vision of change.

Our work across areas such as road transport, aviation, shipping, energy and climate policy, and sustainable finance, is aimed at realizing T&E’s mission to accelerate positive change and create a better world, without pollution, where nature is protected and restored, and where global warming is a problem we used to have.

Where to find us

Transport & Environment – Brussels secretariat

2nd floor, 18 Square de Meeûs,

1050 Brussels – Belgium

Tel: +32 (0)2 851 02 02

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