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Content marketing to HR and people leaders with a TWIST

Want to reach HR and people leaders with engaging content? Maximise your new and existing marketing spend by becoming a People Space Brand Partner

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Become a Brand Partner and get an instant platform to promote your business to HR and people leaders across the world

Why use The People Space as a platform to help you reach and educate your HR audience?

  • Unique content written by award-winning journalists who are expert in the fields of work, HR, leadership, digital and new technologies

  • Indefinite licence to use any content created on your own platforms 

  • Video interviews with The People Space's award-winning editorial director - fully captioned by humans to ensure a correct transcript!

  • Campaign subjects are sense-checked with members of The People Space community of HR and people leaders

  • Lots of 'bang for your buck' with our flexible and cost-effective pricing.

  • 3 major benefits of using The People Space

    Cutting edge content featuring global HR leaders

    The People Space is all about content that is cutting edge and resonates with future fit HR leaders. We interview these leaders for our Brand Partner content so your message sits alongside comments from your target audience, giving it credibility. Our actionable content written by award-wining specialist journalists helps HR and people leaders deliver modern working practices and high impact, sustainable value so they flourish in today’s fast moving digital environment where increasingly humans will work alongside machines. It's not just the usual HR stuff!

    Transition from 'vendor' to 'trusted adviser'

    We believe content is key to enabling marketers to join the conversations being had by people leaders across the world. When brands create great content that the audience wants, they see increased reach, engagement and potentially conversion. By working with us you get third party validation as your content appears on a dedicated channel on The People Space website as well as on our bi-monthly newsletter. Plus we sense-check ideas with our audience of senior HR and people leaders.

    Expert advice and ideation from our team

    Tap into our editorial director's high-level network and expertise. With more than three decades as a business journalist, Siân was previously editor and then publishing director of HR magazine in the UK as well as founder of the HR Most Influential annual ranking and the HR in the Boardroom programme. She believes in a human-centric future of work in which technology is used for good and loves to bring people together to that end. Building relationships is key to The People Space's approach.

    Wondering how to market to HR leaders? Here is a quick overview for you

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    The 3 best reasons to become a Brand Partner that make it awesome for HR vendors

    'Glue' power: engage with the people that matter to you

    We don't do one hit wonders and we're not all about the numbers. Neither of these builds long-term engagement with the top level HR and people leaders you want to reach. You don't want to waste your money reaching people without a budget or influence in the purchasing decision. We develop campaigns that are sticky, with mobile-first and easy-to-share content, providing more than one chance to be seen by the people that matter on whatever media they prefer. 

    We work closely with our Brand Partners to build awareness of their company over 12 months through multimedia campaigns designed to appeal to curious senior HR and people leaders interested in the future of work and who want to continually reinvent themselves and their teams. Our Brand Partners are not advertisers – they are an integral part of The People Space community.

    Maximise your spend: magazine and content marketer in one

    Partnering with The People Space is like working with both a traditional HR publication and a dedicated marketing agency.

    Yes, we create timely and relevant campaigns based on our founders' extensive network and knowledge of the HR and future of work field. And we also give you instant coverage on our global website and in our data-compliant newsletter.

    The TWIST? You get a licence to use any content we create for you on your own website, client newsletters or internal communication, as does The Open University Business School (see right). This includes your content on The People Space website, our bi-monthly newsletter, video, PDFs and shareable social media assets. It's a magazine and content marketer rolled into one! 

    Flexibility: we take the hassle out of budgeting 

    We understand how tight resources are for marketers today. We have flexible payment options and can create a 12-month campaign for the price some our rivals charge for one webinar! 

    And for smaller start-ups in the technology space we have our dedicated HR Tech Space channel designed to showcase new ideas for a fraction of the price you would pay to a PR agency or for magazine advertising.

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    2,500 fully opted-in senior HR and people practitioners and academics from across the world subscribe to our newsletter, which is growing every day

    Pros and Cons of partnering with The People Space 

    It's important to us that we build Brand Partnerships with the right companies – for both you and us! And we don't want to waste your precious time. So before you contact us, why not check out our Pros and Cons below

    Pro Number #1

    We help you build your reputation through content that includes comments and insights from people leaders, management academics and authors. So your brand is seen as a thought-leader alongside influential and credible HR directors and renowned global academics who are pushing work forward in a positive way. 

    Pro Number #2

    Unlike most publications we give you any assets we create so you can use them as you desire. Therefore you can use them as part of your own campaigns to existing or prospective clients or to help build up content on your own website. And where you have relevant content yourself, we are happy to share it on your bespoke channel on our website. 

    Pro Number #3

    We only work with one Brand Partner in a sector, so you effectively become our 'preferred partner' in that area for the duration of the campaign. You will be the only vendor mentioned in content we create as part of the Brand Partnership and we always approach our Brand Partners first for any other activities we are planning, for example events such as those shown below.

    Pro Number #4

    We like our Brand Partners!! You won't be treated as just another number on a spreadsheet towards hitting a monthly target. Instead we like to big-up those we work with – and are never too busy to help out where we can, be it approaching our contacts for potential speaker slots at your events or attending those events ourselves where possible.

    Con Number #1

    If it's all about the numbers then we are probably not the right partner for you. We believe it's all about engagement with HR leaders (especially given potential privacy changes limiting marketers' ability to track and identify users). We are building a community of HR and people leaders who want to ensure the future of work is a human-centric one where technology augments people. It's a self-selecting group who want to read and see something different and who want to hear from vendors who can help them design this future of work.

    Con Number #2

    Data privacy and transparency matters greatly to us so we guarantee our senior people and HR leader audience that their data will not be shared with third parties without explicit consent. We comply with all global standards in this area. So if you just want lots of unqualified leads, we are not for you. Instead we produce content you can use to send to existing and potential clients. And we like the personal touch - introducing people where we can when they have indicated they are happy to connect.

    Con Number #3

    Everything we write about has to fit our audience's interests. We focus on future of work, the changes to work resulting from the Fourth Industrial Revolution, new work models and technologies, future skills needs, people-first leadership and how we can put the human at the heart of work in today's fast-changing and complex environment. So our Brand Partnerships are designed to provide information to meet this agenda and we will work with you to find angles to achieve that. If you want to promote a particular product or idea that doesn't fit with this, or are after 'salesy' advertorial, then we are not the best partner for you. Check out our website to see the type of content we produce.

    Con Number #4

    We aren't a replacement for all your marketing. The best results achieved from our Brand Partners are where we have worked together to maximise campaigns - bringing our respective audiences to the table and building on each other's work. We aim to become a valuable partner to your own marketing people. It's a two-way street: the more you put in, the more you get out!

    The People Space works for vendors in... 

    Employee experience 

    Employee wellbeing

    HR technology



    Management consulting


    And Many More

    Let's hear some of the success stories

    The People Space was instrumental in expanding and extending our content to keep connecting with our target audiences. The People Space has something to say. It provides a platform for HR influencers and opinion makers to encourage debate. We believe that The People Space can help all HR suppliers get their messages to their audiences. People know it, they read it and they follow it. 

    Liz Sebag-Montefiore, director 10Eighty

    Brand Partner

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    The People Space cares about our brand as well as its own and advises accordingly. It knows how to deliver our thinking in a way that is readily consumable and can influence its audience's thinking and practice to make a difference. Its incisive interviewing, editing and creation of assets means we are provided with content that can be used much more widely across our own platforms, delivering fantastic value.  

    Jacqui Thomasen, head of external engagement, The Open University Business School

    Brand Partner

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    Events: targeted and intimate

    An Audience with distinguished professor Richard Boyatzis on Coaching with Compassion

    A prestigious event in London, UK featuring 80 HR leaders and sponsored by The Open University Business School, legal firm Shoosmiths and leadership consultancy Black Isle Group. 

    How to Become a More Commercial HR Leader

    An interactive event in partnership with HR technology company SD Worx featuring 30 CEOs and HR leaders talking about what organisations want from HR and how HR should prioritise its time and budget.

    Are you ready to work with The People Space to build brand awareness and your network of HR leaders?

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